Every competitor taking part in the Old Fisherman's Trail Challenge is expected to be self-sufficient and equipped in accordance with the requirements of the race rules. It is compulsory for all competitors to carry their own equipment throughout the duration of the race. There will be random equipment checks at any time and place during or immediately after the race. If competitors are found without the specified equipment they will be disqualified from the race and their race result will be displayed as “DSQ”.

Required Race Equipment

  1. Space Blanket - Essential for all weather conditions – it shouldn’t leave your trail running gear!
  2. Waterproof Shell Jacket
  3. Whistle - Essential for all weather conditions – it shouldn’t leave your trail running gear!
  4. First Aid Kit - Strapping, pain killers
  5. Food - Enough to last at least 5 hours
  6. Cell Phone - ensure is kept dry and is FULLY charged
  7. Water holder - Minimum 750ml carrying capacity and must contain water.
  8. Backpack /hydration pack /Hip belt /Hydration Belt - all race equipment must fits into the bag/belt.
  9. Race Number
  10. Thermal Base layer - if not wearing place in waterproof bag for wet & cold weather conditions
  11. Hat/Cap/Visor - is advised have with you
  12. Buff/Beanie - is advised have with you<
  13. Compass/GPS - its good to have one and know how to use it
  14. Cup - Water stations will be cup free, you need to bring your own cup or bottle to be able to get a drink at the water station.

Please note that the equipment is there for your safety.

Why a whistle?

The sound of a whistle will carry a lot further than the human voice so if you fall down a ravine and need to alert someone a whistle will more than likely be heard over your voice.

The rescue signal for a whistle is 6 good long blasts - stop - then repeat until someone gets to you. Don't stop because you've heard a reply – rescuers may be using your blasts as a direction finder.

You can use a torch in the same way in the dark - and it is advisable to carry one when running in darkness.