We the organisers of the Old Fisherman's Trail Challenge and all helpers involved on the day take safety very seriously and expect all participants to do the same.

Cold, wet, windy and misty is generally the type of weather expected for the Old Fisherman's Trail Challenge in June. The weather at sea level is usually very different to that on the top of Blackburn Ravine and within the Amphitheartre, so one needs to be prepared. Please refer to the Race Equipment list for the exact gear/equipment you will need to carry with you on race day.

At race briefing all participants will be issued with a route map and a race passport which will have all the necessary emergency numbers on along with "what to do in an emergency".

Safety Tips when Training

  • Plan your route: Know where you are going so there is less chance of your getting lost. Make sure you are allowed to run the route you have planned and have the correct permit if required
  • Tell someone where you are running and what time to expect you back
  • Check the weather before you head out: things could change while you are out and you need to be prepared
  • Take sufficient supplies of water and food: always be prepared for worst case scenario, keep a energy bar in your kit bag at all times
  • Take a fully charged cell phone
  • Know your limits!