Substituting your Race Number by either selling it or giving it to someone else. This must take place online until and including May 24th, 2017. Race Number exchange includes the registration fee and any additional purchases (t-shirt, bus ticket, etc) that will be transfered to the new runner. The new runner will have the option to purchase additional add-ons (t-shirts, bus tickets ,etc) if they are still available.

If you would like to do a substitution after the 24th of May 20017, please email the race office by emailing and we will advise you how to complete a substitution.

There will be a substitution fee of R50.00 paid by the runner taking over the entry. You will have the option to pay via credit card, debit card or EFT when you complete the substitutions form.

The Entry Fee is to be sorted out between the runner selling his/her entry to the runner who is taking it over. No refunds of the entry fee will be paid by the organisers.

No substitutions will be taken after the 1st June 2017 or on Race Day.

Anyone wishing to withdraw from the race is to follow the procedures for withdrawals. Trail Runners from the waiting list will fill the withdrawal positions.