Race Rules

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The rules at hand apply to Old Fisherman's Trail Challenge. By virtue of registering, paying and participating in the OLD FISHERMAN'S CHALLENGE, competitors in the OLD FISHERMAN'S CHALLENGE acknowledge that they have read, understand and accept the rules and regulations of participation.

The OLD FISHERMAN'S CHALLENGE is a trail challenge event specifically for individual competitors.

The organiser and the Table Mountain National Park (TMNP) have limited the number of entries of competitors. This is for safety and environmental reasons and to keep with the ethos of trail running being out in mountains without the crowds and enjoying the beauty that nature has to offer in the Cape.

Note this race can take up to 4.5 hours to complete and is run during the winter months. All competitors will need to be prepared adequately - please ensure you are equipped appropriately.

  • Participant has to be 18 years of age on race day.
  • Each competitor is responsible for ensuring adequate physical fitness; this is paramount for competing in the event. If necessary, seek medical consultation to ascertain adequate preparedness.
  • The race organisers reserve the right to reject the registration of a competitor. Please refer to the section on the Entry Process for the OFTC which governs withdrawal or cancellation by the competitor.

You will be entered into one of the following categories in accordance with your age on the day of the event.

Men & Women

Category Age
Open 18 - 39
Veterans 40 to 49
Masters 50 to 59
Grand Masters 60+

You will collect your race number when you have equipment check at the start. Please make sure you give yourself enough time to collect your race number and do equipment check. Your race number needs to be placed on the front of you and needs to be visible at all times.

Participants must bring their Race Confirmation Email or Confirmation SMS to race start.

Timing is recorded individually for each participant and relies on a personalized race number and race chip within the race number. It is imperative that the Race Number is recorded at the following points in order for your time to be recorded:

  • Start - Hout Bay Harbour
  • Check Point One - Silvermine Dam
  • Finish Line - Fish Hoek Beach Sailing Club

Failure to have your Race Number Recorded will result in no Race Result. In addition a search and rescue party will be launched with the appropriate emergency authorities - at the cost of the negligent competitor/s.

If for some reason an individual decides not to run the second leg of the race he/she MUST inform the time keeper and hand in the Race Number to the time keeper. Failure to hand in the Race Number will result in a search and rescue party being launched with the appropriate emergency authorities - at the cost of the negligent competitor/s.


Your race chip must be handed in at the finish or if you withdraw, please give it to a marshal at the check point.

The Race Bib comprises of a race number with a race chip within the race number that is linked to your name and emergency details. It will also have the race emergency number on it.

No swopping of Race Bibs with anyone is allowed.

To be classified as an official 'finisher' of the race, you need to finish with your race number and complete the correct course.

Remember to hand in you race number at the finish to receive your medal.

There is parking at the start - Hout Bay Harbour and at the Finish - Fish Hoek Beach. Please DO NOT Park on the yellow or red lines. The red and yellow areas are reserved for buses and vendors.

Parking is at your own risk. Please do not leave any valuables in your car.

Note that you may have to pay when entering the Hout Bay Harbour.

There will be Marshals along the route. Please respect and adhere to the marshals' warnings and directions. Please be vigilant when crossing the roads.

There will be marshals at dangerous sections of the route and at the check points with radios. If you or any other competitor has any problems please report to one of the marshals.

The NO MOBILE SECONDING rule will be strictly enforced. No seconds may cycle or run alongside any competitor on the route. The STAND AND HAND rule, whereby a competitor's second may stand at the one check point and hand refreshments to their competitor while they remain stationary will apply.

This area will be pointed out by the marshal at the check point.

No seconds may travel on the route. The race officials will deal with any transgression of this rule and the penalty may include disqualification after a warning.

Seconds are to please keep away from the time keeper's table and park in the designated parking areas.

Seconds will be required to pay any required entry fees into the Table Mountain National Park (Silvermine).

There will be a paramedic at the check point and at the finish line. If you require medical assistance please report to the paramedic on duty at these points.

If you require medical assistance on the mountain, firstly phone the emergency number provided on your Race Number. If you are unable to contact the race organiser then either send another competitor to the closest medic or report to the closest marshal who will be able to radio for medical assistance.

Any cost for medical or rescue services accrued during the race or after the race will be paid for by the competitor.

We hope you already have the MySOS APP installed on your phone as it is a quick and easy way to call for help when you need it. On Race Day you will be able to use the APP to contact the event's emergency team directly in the case of an emergency. Your latest recorded location will be sent. This helps us get help to you quickly.

Under the current Covid-19 regulations no specators are allowed at the event.

All competitors will need to complete leg one within two and half hours (02:30) from your start time of the race - Hout Bay to Silvermine Dam.

All competitors will need to complete leg two - Silvermine Dam to Fish Hoek within five hours (05:00) from your start time of the race.

Competitors have 5 hours to complete the entire route from your start time of the race.

Competitors that fail to complete a leg within the given time will be asked to refrain from continuing the race.

If the competitor chooses to continue the race after the cut off time, they do so at their own risk and without the support of the race organiser.

Competitors that do not complete the race will be marked as 'DNF' (Did Not Finish) on the results board.

Race Day Timings:

Batch Covid Check Registration Equipment Check Enter Start Area Start Time
A 06:00 06:10 06:20 06:50 07:00
B 06:30 06:40 06:50 07:00 07:10
C 06:40 06:50 07:00 07:10 07:20
D 06:50 07:00 07:10 07:20 07:30
E 07:00 07:10 07:20 07:30 07:40
F 07:10 07:20 07:30 07:40 07:50
G 07:20 07:30 07:40 07:50 08:00
H 07:30 07:40 07:50 08:00 08:10
I 07:40 07:50 08:00 08:10 08:20
J 07:50 08:00 08:10 08:20 08:30
K 08:00 08:10 08:20 08:30 08:40
  • First runner expected at Silvermine Dam Check Point: 7:55
  • First runner expected to finish in Fish Hoek: 8:55
  • Prize Giving - No Prize Giving
  • Cut-Off - 13:40

The start maybe delayed, depending on the light.

The competitor to cross the finish line first after completing the course in the correct order, with the correct equipment and with a Race Number will be classified as the winner of the OLD FISHERMAN'S TRAIL CHALLENGE.

All competitors to cross the finish line having completed the course in the correct order, with the correct equipment and with a Race Number will be considered official 'finishers' of the OLD FISHERMAN'S TRAIL CHALLENGE.

Competitors who - for whatever reason - cannot or do not want to continue the OLD FISHERMAN'S CHALLENGE are obliged to promptly give notice of their decision to the race official at the nearest check point or finish line, or they are to call the Race Organiser (cell number provided on their Race Bib) and inform them of your action.

You must hand in your timing chip to the marshal.

If a competitor does not give notification of their withdrawal, the race organiser reserves the right to launch a search and rescue party with the appropriate emergency services - at the cost of the negligent competitor/s.

The OLD FISHERMAN'S CHALLENGE is run through the Table Mountain National Park (TMNP) which is a world heritage site. Therefore all competitors of the race agree to minimize any negative effects to the environment (natural, cultural, historical and aesthetics).

All competitors must only use existing paths. You are NOT allowed to create your own path. Competitors observed taking a short cut will be disqualified.

All competitors must not step off the path! Competitors observed doing so will be disqualified.

Trampling and removing indigenous vegetation is not permitted. Competitors observed doing so will be disqualified.

No foreign material of any kind is to be left behind. All rubbish can be disposed of at the check points where black plastic bags will be available. We encourage will runners to carry there rubbish to the finish.

Toilet facilities are available at the start, Peninsula Canoe Club, and the finish, Hout Bay Harbour. If competitors find it necessary to defecate along the route then this should take place well a way from the path and waterways (50m is recommended) and must be buried.

No dogs or pets are allowed on the race due to safety reasons.

An emergency service will be on standby at the check points and at the finish. Mountain Rescue has been notified of the race and will be on standby.

Competitors are not permitted to smoke or light any fire on the route.

All competitors of the OLD FISHERMAN'S CHALLENGE are expected to give way to all public hikers on the route. The race is run through public walking areas and therefore competitors must slow down when approaching hikers on the route. If a competitor should come across an injured competitor (or hiker) they are expected to assist and notify the nearest race marshal before continuing on the race.

Race Officials, Protests and other sanctions

It's the responsibility of the race official and race organiser to pass decisions on the race event and any course of action.

The Race Official's decision is final.

All protests must be in writing and given to the race organiser within 30 minutes of your finishing time.

A competitor will automatically be disqualified for the following breaches of regulations:

  1. Improper disposal of rubbish
  2. Taking short cuts
  3. Removal of flora or fauna
  4. Not finishing with the correct equipment

A competitor will receive a time penalty (between 20 and 30 minutes or more) for the following breaches of regulations:

  1. Not completing the correct route
  2. Having another competitor carry your equipment

Baboons are now present at Silvermine and around the dam. Runners are to keep clear of the baboons and let the marshals know if you see any baboons and where.

  • Make sure all food is out of sight and not attached to outside pockets on your pack
  • Do not eat or drink when Baboons are around
  • Do not feed the baboons!
  • Do not try snatch back anything from a baboon
  • Do not threaten infants and juveniles, as adults, in particular the alpha male, will protect them with aggression if necessary
  • If confronted by a baboon
    • Stand still and remain calm. Any sudden movements will make them act defensively
    • Back away slowly and do not block their escape route
    • Be determined, decisive and confident when driving a baboon off
    • Spray the baboon with a strong stream of water as they hate water.

Prize giving will be at the finish (Fish Hoek Beach Sailing Club (weather dependent) and will commence at 11h30.

Lucky draw prizes will be drawn at the start of the race and winners will need collect their prize at the finish.

There will be prizes for the 1st, 2nd and 3rd place finishers of each category (senior, veterans, masters). Only 1st place prize will be given for categories with less than 6 runners.

Overall Winners will be required to start in Batch-A to qualify as overall men or women winners

You have to be present at the prize giving to receive your prize.